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A full featured social app with integrated payment technology powered by the NEM Blockchain.

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Privacy First

Built-in privacy makes keeping your information secure a breeze. Peer-to-peer communications are encrypted and only stored on your device. You keep all your data locally on your device. No clouds here!

"You have to fight for your privacy or you will lose it" Eric Schmidt, Google/Alphabet, 2013

We are building the tools to fight for you!


You are not a Product!

You choose how you want to engage with the platform. All potential services are on an opt-in only basis. You get paid for your time.

Educate Yourself

Your information is used to monitor, analyze, and influence your life in many different ways. We are working to protect you from the invasive breach in privacy that is online ad marketing.


Free to Use!

If it is free, how do you make money?

  • Premium services are built into the platform to enable social users to be highlighted and found.
  • 3rd party payment systems will be established and commissions will be paid to the platforms owner account.
  • Games built as plugins on the platform will pay for listing services.
  • Users may opt in to see ads developed on the platform to earn XEM to their wallet (Fees collected from vendors)

What is Breeze?
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To put it simply, Breeze is a private social platform to communicate with the people you care about. It has an integrated payment platform and security provided by the NEM blockchain
Everything is stored locally on your device and the person you chat with. No company servers, and no 3rd parties to see your chat, pictures or video. What you do with the platform is your business, not a company trying to turn you into a product and sell your data.

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Powered by NEM
Blockchain Technology provides a robust always-on infrastructure without the dedicated hosting machines or servers that store your private information. Out with the Old, In with the New!
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How to Participate & Help Test

Breeze Main NEM Account:

Pre-sale Completed

Over 50 friends in the NEM community took part in the pre-sale of Breeze tokens and have ensured the successful launch of Breeze.

Breeze Tokens are "utility tokens" which are necessary to activate our product and accelerate development. Holding BRZ Tokens in your account allow access to special features.

Join the Community

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Our company uses Eco-friendly technology to limit our impact on the environment.
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